Master Stephen McEwan

5th Degree Black Belt

In 2009, Stephen graduated with a degree in K-12 Education. Following his passion, he dedicated himself to teaching Taekwondo. His combined background in teaching education and martial arts gives him a unique skill set for training the next generation in the art of Taekwondo. Starting in 2010, Stephen taught at Kelly's Martial Arts in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was Head Instructor responsible for both teaching and curriculum design.


In 2011, Stephen was recruited by Grand Master Herb Perez, the 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist in Taekwondo, to teach at Master Perez's Gold Medal Martial Arts in Burlingame, California. For four and a half years, Stephen successfully trained over 500 students. Coaching the competition team, he had athletes compete locally and nationally in Poomsae and sparring.


Stephen now has the opportunity to draw from his extensive background and experience as he equips students in Indiana. He is excited to utilize his skills and passion for Taekwondo to teach important and memorable life skills to the next generation.


Taekwondo is a dynamic, explosive martial art and sport. Codified in 1955, Taekwondo started as a Korean martial art and has grown to be practiced in over 200 countries, with over nine million certified black belts. Taekwondo is now an official Olympic sport with the twin goals of education and sportsmanship.


The dynamic nature of Taekwondo lends itself to engaging students of all ages. As a sport, it consists of 90% kicking techniques, along with gross motor skills such as punching and footwork. The simple and yet challenging nature of Taekwondo as a sport makes it easily accessible and increasingly popular.


As a traditional martial art, Taekwondo teaches self-defense through a pattern of motions and forms (called Poomsae) and their application in various situations. The complex defense and attack skills taught in the traditional aspect of Taekwondo encourage the development of focus and discipline.


Together, these aspects create an environment where students learn important life-skills through the process of learning martial arts. These skills revolve around training the whole person, along with character principles codified in the Tenets of Taekwondo. This is the true benefit students will take from their experience, as they move forward into whatever field their future holds.


Tenets of Taekwondo:

1. Courtesy (Ye-Ui)

2. Integrity (Yom-Chi)

3. Perseverance (In-Nae)

4. Self-control (Guk-Gi)

5. Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul-Bool Gool)

Apex Taekwondo Center

At Apex Taekwondo, our goal is to take the principles of Taekwondo and teach the sport, art, life-skills, and character behind it to our students. We offer a range of classes tailored to any age group, with an emphasis on reaching younger children.


Our goal is to offer children the opportunity to stay active, alert, and engaged in their growth and education. We believe learning should be fun, and use Taekwondo as a vehicle for training the whole person.

For the adults we offer a program designed to help them get moving and learn a new skill. Taekwondo offers fitness, sport and self defense to the busy adult. Each class will engage an adult student both physically and mentally as they learn the many skills in Taekwondo.

Athletes and competitors are welcome! Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and Apex Taekwondo is committed to helping students excel not only in the classroom, but also a competitor. If you are looking for competitive sport, Taekwondo offers a wide range of competition, from the local level to the international level.